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It’s been a long road and GREAT NEWS, we can now announce some final dates for construction competition:

  • Imaging remodel: will see their first patient on or before 7/2
  • Featured staircase: ~7/18 this will connect the main entrance to surgery and administration
  • Clinic remodel & expansion: ~7/15
  • Curved hallway that connects the main entrance to the new pharmacy, eye clinic, gift shop*, and wellness office: 7/3
  • Eye clinic will see their first patient in their new location: 8/2
  • Administration remodel that added an additional conference room, work area and an additional office:  ~7/16
  • Wellness office:  ~7/15
  • Final landscaping to be completed over the next couple of weeks

*Gift shop grand opening~still TBA


EXCITING NEWS!  Beginning Saturday, June 1, the new MAIN entrance will be open!

Who should use this MAIN entrance?

ALL clinic, Same Day, Imaging, Rehabilitation, Birthing center, Chemo, Infusion, Lab, Surgery and Hospital (inpatient) patients.

Who should use the EMERGENCY entrance?

ALL Emergency and community pharmacy patients

Thank you for your continued patience as we Build a Healthier Tomorrow!


It’s great to be able to finally post some ‘end’ dates for this project.

FLHS is currently on day 475 of the anticipated 521 project days and the end is in sight! The end does depend upon weather and a few other factors but as they say, there is a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’!

The final phases of this project include buttoning up: the main entrance, spiritual room, clinic expansion, clinic remodel, imaging remodel, administration updates, the new eye clinic  and the front corridor area.

Below are the highlights:

~June 1: main entrance will open, which was one of the project’s main goals enhancing building security.  The Highway 65 old ‘clinic’ entrance by the church will not longer be accessible and all traffic should enter the parking lots by the large digital sign or from Forest Street.

Overview of Mora campus
Main entry way drop off canopy
Main entrance sliding doors

A Spiritual room was created for those who need some quiet time and will be complete around ~June14th. The Spiritual room is located near the back of the Common’s area.

The clinic expansion is expected to be completed at the end of ~June, adding much needed exam and provider/nurse areas.

The clinic remodel part is to be finished about a month later, at end of ~July, so the two areas will tie together.  Demolition and remodeling are continuing as scheduled.  Both areas are having walls painted and flooring put in, after that is complete, a final clean, new furniture and equipment will need to be installed.

Demolition of old clinic registration area
New clinic exam room layout
New clinic hallway (exam and provider/nurse rooms)
New exam room layout

The administration area will receive a nice facelift, adding additional office spaces, workroom, storage and conference room areas.  Work to be completed after the ~July 4th holiday weekend.

Administration layout, level 2

The newly remodeled Imaging area will have a better layout and updated equipment opening the week of July 4th!  Pictures coming soon!

Behind the walls in the main registration area, construction crews are busy working on the new eye clinic. Internal planning has been begun for the final move, which is slated for July 29th. Dr. Mork and Dr. Mork expect to start seeing patients in the new area at the beginning of August. Perspective wise? The new eye clinic is actually the old hospital lab (if you can believe that?!)

demolition of old hospital lab for new eye clinic
new eye clinic curved hallway

Tying the main registration area to the curved wall heading to ED will be one of the biggest challenges of this project; as areas need to be barricaded off in sections allowing for new paint, flooring and other cosmetic work. Expect the last of re-routing and walking the perimeter of the building during this time with this work is slated to be complete the middle of ~July.

Stay tuned, more to come!


As we creep closer to the end of this project, it’s hard to believe that it is this far along.

What’s happening now?

Main entrance

  • the main entry-way, otherwise known as Central Check-in:
  • stairs are poured
  • awning will be painted to match the Emergency Department (ED) Entrance
  • allows for efficient patient drop- off and pick-up
Picture of centralized check-in, not painted
Featured staircase steps poured (concrete)
Straight on view of the featured staircase
Rendering of finished featured staircase and Centralized Check-In
Old photo of ED entrance that will soon be Centralized Check-in

Hospital lab

The hospital lab moved into a new space, remember all draws will happen in the clinic area, so if you are scheduled, make sure you register with Central check-in!

The Mora clinic

Clinic renovations continue to happen inside and just outside the south wall of the Mora campus.  Construction is slated to be finished at the end of June and is adding and additional 7,500 square feet for exam and nurse/provider space.

Behind construction walls for the past four months was the Centralized Check-in and Common’s area.  If  you happen to stop in for a clinic appointment you will be surprised with a new look.

Central check-in

The place to “check-in” for all of your appointments,  whether it be clinic, lab or to see one of our many specialties.


A serene place to wait for your appointment or result with soft lighting and comfy chairs.

Gift shop

The new gift shop will open sometime in July (simultaneously) with the eye clinic.  The FirstLight Health Care Volunteers are busy with deciding what type of inventory to purchase, sell and display.

Before the space gets filled with gift options and trinkets, watch for the opening in July!

Wellness office

An additional space was added to the front in FirstLight’s new design, a Wellness office.

New wellness center office, promoting well-being for our community folks.


Circling back on some updates with FirstLight’s building project, many internal changes are happening, not visible to the public—-

The hospital lab (not visible to the public) is slated for a remodel and move to a different location – to the old chemo / infusion services area. The finishing touches are happening:  flooring, tile, sinks.  A cool new piece of equipment was installed, a pneumatic tube system to help with efficiency, allowing specimens to be transported between labs.

If everything goes as planned, the new and improved hospital lab will be functional at the  end of April.

New hospital lab
The Common’s area:

The area behind Central Registration will be called the Commons area, the space — the area that will connect Registration to the dining area, rehab services, and inpatient.   Sheetrocking, new tile, and new doors area being constructed now.  Abundant waiting and seating will be available as well as the business office and medical records services being front and center.


The clinic expansion is well underway and expected to be completed this summer as well.   The roof  and wall rough-ins are complete.   The expansion will add 7500 additional square feet allowing for more exam rooms, provider offices and additional services:  Opioid stewardship program, diabetes education, care coordination, mental health, etc.

FLHS’s south view of the clinic expansion
Interior walls in the new clinic, framed and sheet rocked
Main Entrance

The most visible part of construction at this time is the main entrance.  This will end up being the most architecturally  profound of the entire project. Stay tuned for advancements on section!

Wall framing at main entrance


It is a little difficult to visualize what the new common, eye clinic, gift shop, pharmacy and wellness area will look like: below are some behind the scenes.  Watch for more updates as the spaces get closer to being done!

Overview of areas being worked on this winter / spring.
New clinic expansion (south side of FLHS)



With all of the recent changes with new entrances, you may be wondering what door to use when accessing services at FirstLight.  Maps are attached to help answer questions, click here to view/print:

if you are a rehab patient

if you are here for surgery

if you are here for a clinic or lab only appointment

if you are here for the birthing center, inpatient, dining or a meeting/support group

There are extra volunteers at the Emergency Entrances to help guide you to where you or your loved ones or friends need to be, just remember to ask!

Thank you for choosing FirstLight for your care!




As 2018 quickly comes to an end, we can’t believe that we’re on day 365 of the proposed 516 project working days (give or take a few); making the project is about 61% finished.

The past year, so many areas were completed, either built new or remolded including:

inpatient and birthing rooms, rehabilitation services area, dining room, meeting rooms, infusion /chemotherapy area, inpatient pharmacy, environmental services (EVS), materials management, facilities, and IS support.

Some photos from the last few weeks:

Infusion / Chemotherapy

Community pharmacy (due to open early summer 2019)

ED hallway / registration

…and Save the Date for the Emergency Department Open House!

The construction time line shows the ladder part of the project includes:  a new community pharmacy, remodeling of the hospital lab, repairing some infrastructure, a new central registration area, and lastly the relocation of the downtown eye clinic.