Benefits Of Signing Up For MyChart

FirstLight Health System proudly supports MyChart, the easy and secure way to manage your health care online anytime of the day.

Signing up for MyChart allows you to:

    • Email questions to your clinic or provider
    • Schedule and cancel clinic appointments
    • Receive notifications for upcoming appointments
    • Receive results for most lab tests within 5 business days
    • Access instructions for follow-up care after clinic, hospital, urgent care and emergency department visits
    • View and pay your Allina bill online, click here to view and make a payment for your FirstLight bill
    • Recieve Proxy Access
      • After permission is granted, MyChart allows users to view and manage the health information of adults or children within your care
      • Download the Child Proxy PDF or Adult Proxy PDF to request access
    • Access to your health information through your smart phone


Download the benefits of using MyChart here (PDF)