Our New Arrivals

“Every child begins the world again.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Having a baby is one of life’s greatest moments, changing all that comes after. It is why FirstLight Health System offers state-of-the-art technology to ensure you and your child have the very best start. At FirstLight, our team of caregivers is dedicated to your happiness and well being, and offer the expertise you’d expect – all close to home.

Our Newest Arrivals

Parent’s Name Baby’s Name Birth Date
Anthony and Amanda Samuelson Amelia Lee Samuelson 04/15/2019
Ben and Cassie Huninghake Clara Katherine Huninghake 04/09/2019
Kalley Paulsen and Rome Bedausky Maverick L Bedausky 04/04/2019
Robert and Rachel Budke Anora Rose Budke 04/04/2019
Andrew and Kala Johnson Finley Mark Johnson 04/03/2019
Justin and Kelly Linder Evelyn Helen Linder 03/31/2019
Haley Iverson and Brent Robbins Jäger Jackson Robbins 03/27/2019
Michael and Kathryn Leach Owen David Leach 03/27/2019
Cory and Victoria Orand Kyra Faye Orand 03/27/2019
Shanyla Chesbrough and Bradley Johnson Ethan Michael Johnson 03/21/2019
Jessica Lorenzen and Dan Gravdal Penelope Lake Gravdal 03/12/2019
Chris and Eva Segelstrom Oliver Thor Segelstrom 03/11/2019
Matthew B. Madsen and Rainy Sky Rose Noel Matthew Madsen 03/02/2019
Kayla Cheney and Matthew Enrriquez Abigail Maxine Enrriquez 02/26/2019
Jessica and Nick Schultz Harper Sophia Schultz 02/12/2019
Emma Bosin and Emmanuel Garbow Sr. Eugene Duane Garbow II 02/09/2019
Jordan and Erika Herges Oliver Allen Herges 02/02/2019
Danielle Stauffer Evelynn Jean Thompson 01/30/2019
Travis Olson and Ashlee Norlander Mylee Maree Olson 01/29/2019
Kenneth and Dana Rauschnot Drew Kenneth Rauschnot 01/28/2019
Miranda Smith Anthony Harlan Smith 01/11/2019
Curtis and Nancy Leverton Halogloe Quincy William Leverton 01/10/2019
Jessica Benjamin and Skylar Premo Sr. Skylar James Lee Premo Jr. 01/02/2019
Allison Sutter and Colton Hecht Hayden Michael Hecht 01/01/2019
Brianna Fore and Chad Reed Rayven Gene Reed 01/01/2019
Jamie Hass and Cory Pate Jr. Cory Duane Pate III 12/29/2018
Lynn Lecy and Shane Schluck Dakota Douglas Schluck 12/27/2018
Jonathan and Nikkita Ostrom Scarlett Rose Ostrom 12/27/2018
Scott Corbin and Jenna Bloom Sawyer Lorraine Corbin 12/26/2018
Shee Wah and Nou Gy Her Isaac Her 12/25/2018
Jenniffer Dehlberg and Joshua Chamberlin Aubrey Callyne Chamberlin 12/18/2018
Catherine Renee Rosado and Waylon James Moose Jack Johnathan Moose 12/17/2018
Jake and Chelsea Benson Henry Robert Benson 12/10/2018
Melinda Moonen and Monty Endicott Braxton Michael Endicott 12/07/2018
Mary and Adam Farnum Iris Faith Farnum 12/04/2018
Kalli Gilbertson Bugar and Seth Bugar Winsome Marie Bugar 12/04/2018
Lea Eckley and Michael Shegstad Tristian James Michael Eckley 11/29/2018
Dylan and Erika Bankers Croix Raymond Bankers 11/26/2018
Blake and Tawney Maul Axel Ervin Maul 11/25/2018
Janet and Christopher Wagener Charlie Alan Wagener 11/23/2018
Sam and Kristin Paquin Quinn Bria Paquin 11/19/2018
Jade and Rachel Casper Zayin Tim Casper 11/13/2018
Destiny and Kody Hall Roy Allen Hall 11/10/2018
Ashley and Armando Aragon Everleigh Luna Michelle Aragon 11/10/2018
Sarah Klatt and Jon Carlson Adelyne Mae Carlson 11/07/2018
Brent and Shandell Harvey Jayce Curtis Harvey 11/05/2018
Shawna and Charles Surdey Leini Margaret Surdey 11/01/2018
Kelsey Eng and Bradley Toman Bentley Allan John Toman 10/30/2018
Lindsey Klar and David Signore Jr Elliotte Rose Signore 10/24/2018
Amber Rushmeyer and Brandon Treske Hope Noel Treske 10/24/2018
Matt and Cassie Tribby Allison Kay Tribby 10/18/2018
Robin Granlund and Rex Killette Addison Ray Killette 10/11/2018
Tyler and Tara Soderstrom Harvey Allen Soderstrom 10/04/2018
Ben and Rhea Bloomquist Charlie Edward Bloomquist 10/04/2018
Loielyn and Craig Sederstrom Craig Daniel Sederstrom 09/27/2018
Adam and Abby Kerr Charlie Elizabeth Kerr 09/18/2018
Ross and Lauren Degerstrom Oliver James Degerstrom 09/12/2018
Ethan and Amiee Skrove Sophia Grace Skrove 09/07/2018
Mandy L. Aulwes and Steven Bruce Dobbs Gabriel James Dobbs 09/02/2018
Paige Gross and Jacob Jorgensen Emilia Rose Jorgensen 08/27/2018
Joshua Bablik and Kelly Tode Violet Eden Babolik 08/24/2018
Isaac and Jennifer Schmoll McKenna Jo Renae Schmoll 08/18/2018
Christine and Eric Hong Penelope Alice Hong 08/13/2018
Brad and Jessica Ausmus Case Bradley Ausmus 08/11/2018
Ashley Goff and James Hoffman Lincoln Michael Hoffman 08/10/2018
Josh and Alicia Irwin Declan Jeffrey Irwin 08/09/2018
Shelby Hendershot-Manuel and Colton Ammerman Max Michael Ammerman 08/08/2018
Robert Johnson and Christina Cloud Lillian Janelle Johnson 08/04/2018
Sophia and Matthew Murphy Sr. Jaxton Ronald Murphy 08/03/2018
Mckenzie Wass and Dustin Cloud Alice Rain Cloud 07/31/2018
Casey and Dustin Heins Clyde Edgar Heins 07/24/2018
Marc and Rachel Dahlquist Kathryn Ann Dahlquist 07/24/2018
Clinton Keuhn and Anita VanAlst Nevaeh Ann Keuhn 07/16/2018
Lindsey and Tim Welch Benjamin Matthew Welch 07/12/2018
Amanda Sadler and Ryan Stafne Cora Kay Stafne 07/11/2018
Michael and Erica Borst Alexis Mae Borst 07/07/2018
Casey Vanthof and Kaydi Salgren Sullivan Scott Vanthof 07/07/2018
Sam Ziwicki and Jule Richardson Emma Jade Ziwicki 07/04/2018
Chantel Ewald Pixie Zypher Ewald 07/04/2018
Hayley Bachan and Stephen Brambach Sorren Michael Lee Brambach 07/03/2018
Lisa Brambach and Ronald Jiskra Gage Ronald Jiskra 06/29/2018
Bill and Jessica Swan Jeremiah Paul Swan 06/28/2018
Holli Pederson Octavia La-Vay Joy Caldwell 06/27/2018
Jeremiah and Ashley Slama Dawson Edward Slama 06/26/2018
Riley and Nicole Priebe Jonathon Adolph Priebe 06/21/2018
Brandon and Sophia Holter Kingsley Remington Holter 06/18/2018
Traci Mitchell and Tony Soto Hernandez Aymelia Amor Soto Hernandez 06/17/2018
Jesse Friedlund and Michael Folkema Jameson Joseph Folkema 06/12/2018
Jacob and Megan Schulz Vivian Jo Schulz 06/12/2018
Michael and Britney Fisher Kay Lynne Fisher 06/11/2018
Alissa McDermeit and Joshua Oquist Oskar Robert Oquist 06/08/2018
Logan and Aimee Burk Caden Jospeh Burk 06/03/2018
Miranda Lindahl and Mitchell Siefert Jemma Rose Siefert 05/26/2018
Katie and Robert Cooper Evelyn Joann Cooper 05/25/2018
Pat and Emily Pitman Kroy Frederick Pitman 05/23/2018
Trent and Sarah Terpstra Gwendolyn Faith Terpstra 05/22/2018
Kaitlin Ristow and Austin Andres Lylah Jarae Andres 05/17/2018
Christina and Trevor Keller Gabriel David Charles Keller 05/16/2018
Zac and Bethany Sjodin Elles Lou Sjodin 05/15/2018
Zac and Bethany Sjodin Noah Brian Sjodin 05/15/2018
Alex and Blair Larson Louise Ashley Larson 05/12/2018
Phillip Pendegayosh and Kaitlyn Sand Sofia Rose Pendegayosh 05/11/2018
Joseph and Cassie Murphy Camilla Marie Murphy 05/09/2018
Devin and Brooke Schultz Ezekiel Robert Schultz 05/09/2018
Clarissa Wilson Braylynn Miikawaadiz Wilson 05/07/2018
Tatianna Habeck and Levi Bontjes Alayna Nevaeh Bontjes 05/05/2018
Jeremy and Jennifer Sutton Asher Davis Sutton 04/30/2018
Brittany and Jake Skelly Claire Nadine Skelly 04/30/2018
Josh and Laura Zaudtke Leo Henry Zaudtke 04/28/2018
Cody Stamper and Nikki Tetnowski Maverick Allen Daniel Stamper 04/26/2018
James Deschampe and Jessica Delcourt Kylie Rose Deschampe 04/25/2018
Marissa Neumann and Steven Hischer Matthew Zachary Thomas Hischer 04/20/2018
Jordon and Anthony Johnson Layla Elaine Johnson 04/19/2018
Keenan and Chelsea Viswanathan Stella Eva Viswanathan 04/18/2018
Seth and Savannah Stahlke Skylar Grace Stahlke 04/18/2018
Dennell and Jeremiah Randall Miah Grace Randall 04/14/2018
Daniel and Brittany Nelson Harper Scott Nelson 04/13/2018
Mike and Jessica Torgerson Morgan Raine Torgerson 04/03/2018
Thomas Robinson and Richelle LaFave GraceLynn Louise LaFave-Robinson 03/28/2018
Kelsey Clough and Andrew Udstuen Evelyn Rosabelle Udstuen 03/27/2018
Mark and Miranda Fox Kenadie Austa Fox 03/25/2018
Sara and Jeremy Miller Finley Floyd Miller 03/25/2018
Donald and Amanda Brown Ricki Grace Brown 03/23/2018
Michelle and James Tranberg Mason Newbert Tranberg 03/22/2018
Michelle and Brandon Ostien Kiptyn Russell Ostien 03/19/2018
Nicholas and Felicia Madsen Oliver Neal Madsen 03/19/2018
Laura Cort and Greg Herding River Jerome Herding 03/12/2018
Brittney and Bruce Gobel Bella Ann Gobel 03/12/2018
Michelle Frevel and Alexander Walsh Tristan Joe Walsh 03/03/2018
Kelly and Angie Manley Lily Rose Manley 03/03/2018
Dalton Davis and Amanda Zamara Liza Kaye Davis 03/01/2018
Bobby Jo Talmage and Branden Williams Brylie Jo Williams 02/25/2018
Tiffany and Andrew Sanford Andrew Robert Sanford 02/25/2018
Brandon and Korissa Matykiewicz Natalie Jade Matykiewicz 02/22/2018
Chantel Lodrigue and Zachary Peterson Kylie Rae Louise Peterson 02/21/2018
Melissa Schultz Addison Kathleen Nelson 02/21/2018
Slade Fore and Adrianna Nettestad Ada Payton Fore 02/20/2018
Carlyn Hill and Jason Kempert Cora Pamela Ann Kempert 02/18/2018
Michael and Katherine Verdeja Thea Kathryn Verdeja 02/16/2018
Kyle Nielsen and Amanda Glaser Paisley Mae Nielsen 02/16/2018
Cody Hallerman and Cecelia Dodds Lucas Ross Hallerman 02/16/2018
Christopher Staples and Brittany Halverson Lincoln Martin Staples 02/15/2018
Nick Letourneau and Jessica Pigeon Zierra Melody Letourneau 02/06/2018
Alysha Enrriquez and Nick Rasmussen Nora Reign Rasmussen 02/06/2018
Vanessa and Zachary Schmitz Madelyn Marie Schmitz 02/05/2018
Billie Benjamin and Mike Glienke Trenton Lee Glienke 02/02/2018
Jessica and Peter Larsen Margaret Jane Larsen 02/02/2018
Michael and Mandy Odencrans Revyn Kaylee Odencrans 02/01/2018
Jordon and Brittany McIalwain Kyren Hayze McIalwain 01/31/2018
Brittany Proper and Jordan Sljee Malik Jordan Sljee 01/29/2018
Jamayla Knudson and Kevin Pedersen Kayden Robert Pedersen 01/29/2018
Sasha Ross and Benjamin Peschl Harmony Rose Peschl 01/28/2018
Reno and Kaitlyn Pemberton Easton Gunner Pemberton 01/22/2018
Breanna Snelling Oakley Isaac Snelling 01/18/2018
Matthew and Kimberly Cooper Bryson Robert Cooper 01/18/2018
Justin and Sarah Smith Kaycie Ray Smith 01/16/2018
Brett Cabak and Brooke Philipczyk Margo June Cabak 01/15/2018
Lysoudra Allen and Ozzie Loudin Izzabella Marie Fawn Loudin 01/14/2018
Jacob and Breanna Ruud Oakley Grace Ruud 01/06/2018
Christopher and Eva Segelstrom Parker Ray Segelstrom 01/06/2018
Ty, Teri and Aleea Orion Quinn 01/03/2018
Dale and Stephanie Collison Thor Alan Collison 12/29/2017
Kayzreona Edwards and Ryan Williams Ryana Michelle Janet Edwards 12/27/2017
Dena and Jared Ostrander Edrie Mary Bernice Ostrander 12/26/2017
Marc and Rebeka Templin Riley Faye Templin 12/25/2017
Kalley Rae Paulsen and Rome Bedausky Nova Rae Bedausky 12/22/2017
Andrew and Ashley Dewitt Jackson Lee Dewitt 12/21/2017
Nicole Masharka and James Diekow Korbin James Diekow 12/20/2017
Brittanie Lauer Aiah Marie Lauer 12/20/2017
Robert and Dakota Peterson Elanore Sue Peterson 12/19/2017
Jonah and Alicia Babolik Remi Duke Babolik 12/17/2017
Stephen and Sharissa Wagner Kathryn Rose Wagner 12/10/2017
Carissa Jacobson and Dustin Reecebenson Sydney Marie Reecebenson 12/08/2017
Rosa Winsor and Randall Nickaboine Daniella Gail-Marie Nickaboine 12/07/2017
Justin and Marissa Sauter Tytus Jamie Sauter 12/05/2017
Bret and Angella Knutson Evvie Lee-Rain Knutson 12/04/2017
Kelly and Ken Damann Samariah Grace Kelly Damann 12/02/2017
Amber Rushmeyer and Brandon Treske Alexzander Noah Treske 11/30/2017
David and Melissa Mulvaney Robert David Mulvaney 11/28/2017
Paul and Beth Gilbertson Adelaide Halley Gilbertson 11/22/2017
Chad and Jamie Bulera Nathaniel Knox Bulera 11/17/2017
Travis Owens and Destiny Gerner Cameron James Owens 11/13/2017
Nancy Xiong and David Anthony Ouellette David Anthony Ouellette 11/12/2017
Kendra and Zach Bettschen Michael John Bettschen 11/10/2017
Kevin and Tina Welle Isaak John Welle 11/07/2017
Sherrae Rosado and Joshua Klar Veyda Jean Klar 10/27/2017
Jennifer Coury and Mike Sprecher Payton Marie Coury 10/25/2017
Kaila Moritz and David Bare Brynleigh Ellen Renee Bare 10/24/2017
Kelly Dahlberg and Adam Dooley Bentley Adam Dooley 10/23/2017
Randi Phelps and Doug Soens Gage Curtis Soens 10/22/2017
Jasmine Bunker and Troy Jack Ava Faye Marie Bunker 10/10/2017
Justin Fugitt and Nicole Lorentzen Penelope Lilly Fugitt 10/09/2017
Grace Aldrich and Andrew Dooley Jace Edward Dooley 10/06/2017
Jeff and Alison Mans Kennedy Lee Mans 10/05/2017
Auston Ruse and Charlotte Joiner Mariana Elaine Ruse 10/03/2017
Jenna Bloom and Scott Corbin Wyatt Lyle Corbin 10/03/2017
Andrea and Joel Lombardo Rocco Silas Lombardo 10/03/2017
Kimberly Crittenden and Cody Wagner Alex James Crittenden 10/02/2017
Stephanie Tracy and Scott Larson Celestine Joan Larson 09/25/2017
George Davis and Teri Halland Aiden Jeffrey Davis 09/25/2017
Jack and Robin Hinsley Oliver Grant Hinsley 09/22/2017
Darren and Courtney Douglas Lillie Marie Douglas 09/20/2017
Eddie Richards and Hillary Shambow Gracie Katherine Richards 09/20/2017
Mellissa Milliman and Mitchell Thompson Kullyn Scott Thompson 09/19/2017
Charles Wederath and Sarah Mealey Isaac Michael Wederath 09/12/2017
Derrick Barnes and Nikita Davis Braxton Jon Barnes 09/06/2017
Kayla and A Thor Emily Kathryn Thor 09/06/2017
Amber Jensen and Seth Norlander Eliza Yvonne Norlander 09/05/2017
Ronald and Anne Zemlicka-Hayes Emma Lou Zemlicka-Hayes 09/02/2017
Michale and Jessica Riedl Aspen Jo Riedl 09/01/2017
Russ VanBeck and Allison Knapp Ella June VanBeck 08/31/2017
Ben and Heather Sanftner Maxwell Russell Sanftner 08/31/2017
Brett and Julie Anderson Colt James Anderson 08/30/2017
Oleia St. John and Joshua Smith Annise Rae-Anne Smith 08/27/2017
Ryan and Lisa Snorek Arya Marie Snorek 08/22/2017
Jake and Jamie Fedder Henry Loren Fedder 08/22/2017
Anthony and Amanda Samuelson Anna Lillian Samuelson 08/21/2017
Tony and Kali Groth Katelynn Marie Groth 08/21/2017
Nina and Anthony Blum Sawyer Henry-Louis Blum 08/19/2017
James and Mary Munsterteiger Joseph Clark Munsterteiger 08/17/2017
Stephen and Teresa Benesch Nathanial Benesch 08/15/2017
Brandon and Kristen Akkerman Axton Benjamin Lee Akkerman 08/14/2017
Keva Hammick and Trent El’Maalik Miller-Bey El’Ilyas Hammick Miller-Bey 08/13/2017
Jeremiah Pitman and Jill Peterson Haley Mae Pitman 08/07/2017
Samantha Becker and Dennis Bourquin Madelyn Rose Becker Bourquin 07/28/2017
Kayla Mead and Erik Parsons Jackson James Parsons 07/28/2017
Elizabeth Kruse and William Donaldson Isabelle Joelene Donaldson 07/25/2017
Shannon Lenz and David Gilbert Eraya Sunshine Gilbert 07/23/2017
Breanna Shermer Frankie Ray Shermer 07/22/2017
Paula Baker and Harley Fredrickson Edwin Frank Fredrickson 07/21/2017
Ashely and Brandon Gates Kaylee Ann Gates 07/19/2017
Anderw and Tamie Meyer Percy William Meyer 07/05/2017
Abigail Waller and Michael Freeman Jestin Clayton Waller 07/02/2017
Corey and Stephanie Sunderman Brookston Paul Sunderman 06/30/2017
Tara Laursen and Arnold Betts Isla Grace Laursen 06/23/2017
Danielle Knoll and Anthony Campbell Kyra Jean Marie Campbell 06/22/2017
Elizabeth Fisher and Derek Miner Zoey Kaylee Miner 06/19/2017
Brittney Meihoferd and Justin Veiths Charlie Janis Veiths 06/19/2017
Nick and Brooke Hohn Tenley Rae Hohn 06/17/2017
Sarah Love and Seth VerWey J’Deveon Wayne Allan VerWey 06/15/2017
Kristen Cox Kristofer Charles Cox 06/13/2017
Ashley Johnson and Cody Auers Keagan Theodore Auers 06/12/2017
Ryan Quinn and Kimberly Nelson Sydney Ann Quinn 06/06/2017
Carrie and Reed Van Hale Christian Reed Van Hale 06/05/2017
Melissa and Alex Steele Tucker Allen Steele 06/05/2017
Jim and Maria Stevenson Tristan James Stevenson 06/02/2017
Philip and Collette Mosio Micaiah Kaymarie Mosio 05/31/2017
Briana Novak and Harley Sawatzky Rose Lauren Sawatzky 05/31/2017
Jake and Lake Mathison Lark Olivia Mathison 05/26/2017
Julia and Cody Skluzacek Evan Lee Skluzacek 05/26/2017
Eric and Kim Degerstrom Abel Andrew Degerstrom 05/15/2017
Matthew and Melissa Prihoda Brayden Matthew Prihoda 05/12/2017
Brian and Cassandra Vogelpohl Laken Reed Vogelpohl 05/12/2017
Hailey Luecken and Seth Coy Praxton Lee Coy 05/10/2017
John Kirchberg and Karissa Hill Kourtney Lynn Kirchberg 05/07/2017
Trevor and Katrina Studerman Jocelyn Stephanie Studerman 05/07/2017
Jenna Mitchell and Nick Bettinger Bristol Ann Bettinger 05/02/2017
Chelsey Voight and Andrew Johnson Elliana Iris Johnson 04/30/2017
Danielle Hansen and Zach Byerle Harlan Donald Byerle 04/24/2017
Stephanie Hoch and Michael Gabar Harper Ann Gabar 04/24/2017
Jordan and Erika Herges Liam Matthew Herges 04/23/2017
Nicholas and Danielle Okun Gwen Elliot Okun 04/17/2017
Dominique Fisher and Demetrius Clark Micah Allen Clark 04/15/2017
Brian Bankers and Jamie Spike Matix Matthew Bankers 04/14/2017
Wayne Swalboski and Laura Stoothoff Ava Laura Swalboski 04/13/2017
Don and Val Kunze Adalyn Arlowe Rose Kunze 04/10/2017
Dustin Bretzman and Candace Berglund Hunter Wyatt Bretzman 04/10/2017
Charles Lyn Goss and Ashley Mohs Charles Lyn Goss III 04/10/2017
Kristina Hood and Daniel Schablitsky Harley Lynn Schablitsky 04/09/2017
Christian and Nicole Eichert Robert Christian Eichert 04/07/2017
Jeff and Robyn Miller Rucy Jusan Miller 04/05/2017
Jessica Johnson and Jonathan Tate Jordan Renee Tate 03/30/2017
Kelly and Justin Linder Harrison Todd Linder 03/28/2017
Jacqueline Glines and Nicholas Raiola Ethan Nicholas Glines 03/27/2017
Sarah Ziwicki and Daniel Dean Jr. Zoey Luvae Dean 03/22/2017
Cami Speers and Austin Gregoire Addilynn Lavone Gregoire 03/20/2017
Tiffany Pavek and Casey Wimmer Cason John Wimmer 03/20/2017
Luke and Katy Mattila Laney Jo Mattila 03/18/2017
Cheyenne Walker and James Bollin Violet Jae Bollin 03/16/2017
Orrin and Shana Johnson Thor Karhu Johnson 03/16/2017
Karlie Weberg and Jeremy Stapher Jeremya Stapher 03/16/2017
Dakota and Christine Bingel Bennett James Bingel 03/14/2017
Ryle Johnston and Keshia Sunsdahl Charlie Lee Johnston 03/13/2017
Josh and Melinda Nordahl Pearl Jean Nordahl 03/10/2017
Ashley and Matt Johnson Colton James Johnson 03/10/2017
Kody Hall and Destiny Lydon Zoey Sky Hall 03/07/2017
Chris and Janet Wagener Jackson Paul Wagener 03/04/2017
Martha and Jeffrey Lehman Elliot Neil Lehman 03/02/2017
Zach and Kellie Whipps Colton Bradley Whipps 03/01/2017
Brian and Shannon Koski Harriet Genevieve Koski 03/01/2017
Bret Severson and Ashley Cavallino Aurora Florence Severson 02/16/2017
Josh and Christina Belden Edon Jeremiah Belden 02/16/2017
Bret Severson and Ashley Cavallino Aurora Florence Severson 02/16/2017
Angela and Lee Baker Silas Lee Baker 02/10/2017
Casey Vanthof and Kadi Salgren Leddy Lavon Vanthof 02/08/2017
Tyler and Tara Soderstrom Ruby Lynn Soderstrom 02/08/2017
Ricky Pendegayosh and Haley Larson Graycie Rose Pendegayosh 02/07/2017
Travis and Kathy Stromberg Liam Michael Stromberg 02/03/2017
Felicia Ann Marie Harron and Chad Edward Lee Delaney Rae Akira Lee 01/25/2017
Pennie Robertson Ahlilah River Spears 01/22/2017
Molly Helmbrecht and Andrew Alderink Hayli Jo Alderink 01/22/2017
Angel St. John and Nakota Benjamin Aubrey Mileele Benjamin 01/18/2017
Pastor Kimberly and Mr. Eric Sturtz Arlo Holden Sturtz 01/16/2017
Justyne Feigum and Jordan Hammill Brayden Russell Hammill 01/15/2017
Stephen Brambach and Hayley Bachan Syhlis Aaron Michael Brambach 01/15/2017
Dana and Blake Spann Henry Hayden Spann 01/12/2017
Mike and Tonya Christopherson Olivia Jean Christopherson 01/09/2017
Jennifer Dahlberg and Josh Chamberlin Elizabeth Kay-Ann Chamberlin 01/09/2017
Alyssa Peterson and Kyle Aimonetti Kadyn James Aimonetti 01/07/2017
Samantha and Alex Schmidt Aleksia Jean Schmidt 01/07/2017
Kirsten Lundquist and Patrick Gaster Jameson Patrick Gaster 12/27/2016
Jon and Laura Samuelson Levi Jussi Samuelson 12/26/2016
Jessica Morris and Dallas Stevens Adalynn Victoria Stevens 12/21/2016
Brittany Eiffler Adaline Marie Eiffler 12/21/2016
Teri LaSarge and Justin Walker Adalina Rayne Walker 12/20/2016
Bailey Klein and Jacob Mudderman Paislee Jo Mudderman 12/16/2016
Kevin and Kerstin Ingles Madison Raelynn Ingles 12/12/2016
Kyle and Jenny McCauley Madalee Mae McCauley 12/09/2016
Eric and Christine Hong Natalie Mae Hong 12/07/2016
Michael and Rachelle Mora Mateo Michael Mora 12/03/2016
Mark and Miranda Fox Lincoln Oliver Fox 12/02/2016
Jake and Sara Engblom Ella Jean Engblom 11/30/2016
Zac and Bethany Sjodin Quinn Lee Sjodin 11/28/2016
Jenell Carlson and Jeremy Drilling Cecelia Ann Drilling 11/27/2016
Courtney Thomsen and Jordan Tretter-Hill Skyler Anniuis Tretter-Hill 11/25/2016
Abbie Gobel and Justin Frisch Cailey Mae Frisch 11/25/2016
Matthew Smith and Trista Hischer Charles Dean Smith 11/11/2016
Jessica Pigeon and Nick Letourneau Ethan James Letourneau 11/11/2016
Susan and Brandon McGaw Nash Lyle McGaw 11/11/2016
Skylar Premo and Jessica Benjamin Scarlette Margaret-Gene Premo 11/06/2016
Russell and Ashley Lucht Allison Marie Lucht 11/03/2016
Josh and Vanessa Sebring Toby Wayne Sebring 11/01/2016
Amanda Perkins and Mark Johnstone Cash James Chad Johnstone 10/29/2016
Lucas Smith and Dana TenCate Marjorie Jeanne Smith 10/25/2016
Tom and Melissa VanderVegt Laney Mae VanderVegt 10/17/2016
Kylee Robb Ryker Jo Robb 10/17/2016
Jon and Brittany Rappl Parker Philip Rappl 10/14/2016
Mike and Katey Verdeja Henry Thomas Verdeja 10/06/2016
Dan and Jessica Felland Madeline Joan Felland 09/26/2016
Amber Splitstoesser and Nathan Olson Marina Irene Olson 09/23/2016
Brooke Christensen and Zeb Johnson Jeremiah Robert Johson 09/21/2016
Joe and Becci Palmblade Augustus Dewitt & Archer James Palmblade 09/19/2016
Kendall Ash and Jack Zuniga Garcia Ava Ann Zuniga Garcia 09/19/2016
Chris and Brittany Thorhauer Annaliese Marie Thorhauer 09/19/2016
Erica Rossberg and Ethan Buccholz Alayna Rose Rossberg 09/16/2016
Heather Hollman and Thomas Searles Emma Kathleen Searles 09/11/2016
Ryan and Katie Kroschel Miles Audie Kroschel 09/09/2016
Traver and Carly Gahler Milo Jerome Gahler 08/29/2016
Tony Osterdyk and Tracy Lilledahl Everett Doran Osterdyk 08/25/2016
Sam and Alyssa Strom Dexter Allen Strom 08/24/2016
Jessica Monroe and Jahho Ellis Sanaa Naturi Monroe-Ellis 08/20/2016
Tim and Lindsey Welch Danielle Mara Welch 08/18/2016
Candace Hedin and Justin Downwind Justin Peter Downwind Jr. 08/09/2016
Dan and Jamie Hendrix Kyzen Hendrix 08/07/2016
Joshua and Rachel Norby August Joshua Norby 08/05/2016
Ali Adkins and Travis France Lawson James France 08/02/2016
Traci Mitchell and Tony Soto Hernandez Kailiana Annette Soto Hernandez 07/25/2016
Jessica Vander Velden and Curtis Winger Lily Marie Winger 07/22/2016
Amber and Shane Koski Kaiya Cecelia Koski 07/22/2016
Juanita Baker and Justin Woken Gage Gregory Woken 07/21/2016
Daniel and Jade Prokop Lucia Rose Prokop 07/21/2016
Tom and Katie Linden Joel Thomas Linden 07/19/2016
Becky and Phil Baumann Oliver James Baumann 07/14/2016
Terry Murner and Kari Chouanard Ayziaa Renee Murner 07/13/2016
Aimee and Logan Burk Carson Robert Burk 07/12/2016
Oleia St. John and Joshua Smith Annie Rae-Lynn Smith 07/09/2016
Adam and Mary Farnum Ishmael Matthew Farnum 07/07/2016
Levi Potter and Bree Hollan Jace Marvin Potter 06/30/2016
Kirsten and Mike Faurie Alexandria Louise Faurie 06/26/2016
Josh and Alaina Jones Emily Elizabeth Jones 06/25/2016
Whitney Stanley and Michael Thomsen Grace LeeAnn Thomsen 06/23/2016
Donald and Amanda Brown Wyatt Robert Brown 06/16/2016
Brittney and Bruce Gobel Bailey Elizabeth Gobel 06/14/2016
John and Marissa True Theodore Archer True 06/11/2016
Alysha Enrriquez and Nick Rasmussen Callie Jade Rasmussen 06/07/2016
Ariel Horak and Josh Rundle Domonick George Rundle 06/02/2016
Desiree Reed and Dominick Fore Kaine Orion Fore 06/01/2016
Dustin and Casey Heins Gunval Warren Heins 06/01/2016
Chad and Colleen Altman Rayann Claudia Altman 05/31/2016
Kayla Mead and Erik Parsons Aubrey Rose Parsons 05/28/2016
Trent and Sarah Terpstra Skylar Grace Terpstra 05/20/2016
Cassandra Olson and Zachary Anderson Zandra Cheyanne Anderson 05/20/2016
Trent and Sarah Terpstra Skylar Grace Terpstra 05/20/2016
Cassandra Olson and Zachary Anderson Zandra Cheyanne Anderson 05/20/2016
Howard and Caitlyn Wyatt Dakota Eria Wyatt 05/16/2016
Howard and Caitlyn Wyatt Dakota Eria Wyatt 05/16/2016
Shayla Livingston and Waylon Snyder Layla Snyder 05/13/2016
Laura and Kevin Martner Benjamin Roy Martner 05/10/2016
Laura and Kevin Martner Benjamin Roy Martner 05/10/2016
Tyler and Toni Campbell Gabriel Alan Campbell 05/09/2016
Tyler and Toni Campbell Gabriel Alan Campbell 05/09/2016
Matt and Kearstin Roberson Phoenix Rose Roberson 04/22/2016
Samantha Winans and Travis Kuehn Trever Nicholas Kuehn 04/20/2016
Emilie Mann and Jonathon Dunbar Jillian Rae Dunbar 04/20/2016
Breanna Cox and Chad Buirge Roni Jo Buirge 04/18/2016
Rob and Melissa Olson Bryar Kay Olson 04/18/2016
Alysia Cummings and Brandon Hedlund Addalynn Victoria Cummings 04/17/2016
Krysta Moore and Allen Naylor Nova Cherokee Naylor 04/16/2016
Stacy Johnson and Jason Thorson Triniti Lorraine Thorson 04/09/2016
Michael and Kathryn Leach Hayden Michael Leach 04/07/2016
Tara and Juan Ruiz Miah Lynn Ruiz 04/05/2016
Amy Vanhorn and Roy Berry Isabella Lea Berry 04/04/2016
Naomi Casale Donovan Ryker Casale 04/02/2016
Cecelia Dodds and Ian Pratt Isaac Avery Pratt 03/31/2016
Jonah and Lezlie Sauter Arlo Daniel Sauter 03/30/2016
Melissa Petranek and Tim Rubbelke Kiarah Avah Petranek 03/24/2016
Jose Campuzano and Rosario Cardoso Daniel Angel Campuzano-Cardoso 03/18/2016
Shaun and Vanessa Isaacs Noah Quinn Isaacs 03/17/2016
Robb and Katie Johnson Emersyn Ava Johnson 03/16/2016
Auston Ruse and Charlotte Joiner Maddox Colton Ruse 03/11/2016
Andrew and Jenna Grabowski Graham Grabowski 03/02/2016
Robert and Stephanie Galvin Josie Marie Galvin 03/01/2016
Mark and Katie Sanford Mark Alan Sanford Jr. 02/26/2016
Ryan and Lizzy Sparks Lyla Pearl Sparks 02/21/2016
Brandon and Korissa Matykiewicz Mackenzie Jean Matykiewicz 02/18/2016
Felicia Harron and Chad Lee Sr. Matilyn Ann Stevie Lee 02/17/2016
Paula Baker and Harley Fredrickson Louis Wade Fredrickson 02/12/2016
Dakota and Christine Bingel Vienna Christine Bingel 01/29/2016
Zachary and Jaymi Meyer Sawyer William Meyer 01/28/2016
Tyler Johnson and McCoy Towle Nevaeh Jakob Towle 01/27/2016
Felicia Roseland and Aaron Day Adakai Reuben Day 01/17/2016
Russell Rivet and Natalie Weber Riley Louise Rivet 01/14/2016
Keenan and Chelsea Viswanathan Jessa Marie Viswanathan 01/06/2016
Jaymi and Zachary Meyer Saige Alison Meyer 01/06/2016
Dakota and Robert Peterson Ryker Wayne Peterson 01/05/2016
Terry and Angela Kohner Emma Rose Kohner 12/23/2015
Jeff and Ashley Feine Brentley Allen Feine 12/19/2015
Jake Riedl and Jesse Freidlund Marshall Edward Riedl 12/06/2015
Nicole Hatfield and Ryan Reed Carson Edward-Tyler Reed 12/05/2015
Easton Wayne Koch 11/20/2015
Justin and Kelly Ketchum Stella Ann Ketchum 11/15/2015
Jasmine Stip Noah Nicholas Stip 11/07/2015
Matt Hardy and Kelsie Peterson Brooke Marie Hardy 11/06/2015
Matt and Samantha Gunderson Mason Alexander Gunderson 11/05/2015
Brent and Shandell Harvey Taya Marie Harvey 11/02/2015
Eric and Kim Degerstrom Boone Lee Degerstrom 11/01/2015
Cheyenne Walker and James Bollin Maria Mae Bollin 11/01/2015
Kayla Berres and Chrisen Ramnarine Chrishawn Michael Ramnorine 10/29/2015
Jessica McCormick and Casey Murray Cayden Emmett Murray 10/21/2015
Jessica Snow Kendyl Reese Thiessen 10/18/2015
Brian and Shannon Koski Hazel Marie Koski 10/13/2015
Steven and Karin Benson Carter Steven Benson 10/10/2015
Crystal Jones and Mitch Koski Rhemmy Annette Lynn Koski 10/09/2015
David Signore Jr. and Lindsey Klar Lucille Grace Signore 10/08/2015
Keith Bengtson and Patti Lemke Memphis Mae Bengtson 10/07/2015
Kyle Hay and Kelly Zaiser Henry David Hay 10/02/2015
Robert and Katie Cooper Bella Jean Cooper 09/20/2015
Angel St. John Jacian Jordan St. John 09/10/2015
Craig Clare and Stephanie McKibben Elijah Roarke Clare 09/05/2015
Leslie Ann Umpleby Geneva Lori Umpleby 09/04/2015
Kevin and Stacy Thoeny Clara Alice Thoeny 09/04/2015
Luke and Katy Mattila Aubrey Ann Mattila 08/28/2015
Nathan and Suzanna Nelson Zebadiah Edward Nelson 08/26/2015
Keith and Jeannie Rivard Brin Addison Rivard 08/18/2015
Ryan Smith and Autumn Glassing Emma Kay Smith 08/16/2015
Roberto Bustamante Jr. and Samantha Joiner Emmett Miguel Bustamante 08/13/2015
Chris Steinke and Delayna Groen Carissa Jeanne Steinke 08/06/2015
Melissa and Sampson Bruno Laila Bruno 08/03/2015
Brittany Goss and Alexander Frisch Sachar Frisch 08/03/2015
Jebadiah and Christiana McAllister Samuel Troy McAllister 08/02/2015
Jennifer Helmbrecht and Shane Johnson Parker Johnson 07/30/2015
Georgi and Chase Hancock Keira Rae Hancock 07/24/2015
Bradley Toman and Kelsey Eng Karlie Christine Toman 07/17/2015
Vern Sullivan and Tammy Marsh Rae’Lyn Rose Sullivan 07/13/2015
Jason and Katie Anderson Annalina Isabel Anderson 07/12/2015
Ronni and Sarah Schmidt Jericho JuBlaine Schmidt 07/10/2015
William Anderson and Rebecca Moose Leland Lawrence Anderson 06/30/2015
Zachery and Diane Weik Emerson Ann Weik 06/30/2015
Joseph Mahlman and Megan Fuller Oliver Patrick Mahlman 06/19/2015
Becky and Phil Baumann Maxwell James Baumann 06/06/2015
Corey and Cassandra Griffin Asher Rolland Sahlen 06/05/2015
Mark and Kelly Horbacz Sofie Josephine Horbacz 06/01/2015
Jordan Heller and Jacqueline Dubois Remi Sarafina Kupfer 06/01/2015
Almon and Kipper Rydberg Louie Paul Rydberg 05/29/2015
Steve and Kelly Schneider Leslie Louise Schneider 05/26/2015
Jared and Dena Ostrander Isaak George Arnett Ostrander 05/26/2015
Cory and Victoria Orand Ryder Victor Orand 05/25/2015
Joe and Danielle Bergman Elliana Rose Bergman 05/20/2015
Ryan and Natasha Kuhlman Myles James Kuhlman 05/18/2015
Desiree Bisset and Jake Carlson Ryleigh Rae Lynn Carlson 05/18/2015
Daniel Nelson and Kayde Mader Isaac James Nelson 05/14/2015
Stefan Rundell and Jill Peterson Nolan James Rundell 05/12/2015
Anissa Deneen Brady Robert Deneen 05/08/2015
Josh and Courtnee Nelson Nora Dorthy Nelson 05/08/2015
Jay Barnes and Donetta Ritchie Lilly Jean Barnes 05/06/2015
Jay Barnes and Donetta Ritchie Alliyah Hazel Barnes 05/06/2015
Tim and Elyse Rieman Alayna Josephine Rieman 05/03/2015
Jesieca and Michael Waldron Alexis Rosemarie Waldron 05/01/2015
Rochelle McKellar and Keith Naylor Tanner Lynn Naylor 04/20/2015
Andrea Degerstrom and Shawn Hiler Aiden Eugene Hiler 04/16/2015
Julia and Cody Skluzacek Elias John Skluzacek 04/13/2015
Troy and Vickie Colsrud Joe Robert Wesley Colsrud 04/13/2015
Eva Belsheim and Chris Segelstrom Zander Edwin Segelstrom 04/12/2015
Garth and Cassandra Willhite Ivan Leory Willhite 04/08/2015
A & Kayla Thor Lauren Elizabeth Thor 04/08/2015
Megan Exsted and Cole Kieger Chett Owen Kieger 04/02/2015
Thomas Johnson and Laura Budke Olivia Cecelia Johnson 04/01/2015
John and Cassie Gaede Macy Jo Gaede 03/30/2015
Bridget Denery & Andrew Brickman Dillon and Devlin Brickman 03/30/2015
Jeremiah & Ashley Slama Brenen Allan Slama 03/24/2015
Jake Quale and Sarah Dukowitz-Donner Makaela Quale 03/20/2015
Carmen Taylor and Paul Conner Nataiyah Conner 03/19/2015
Derek and Natalie Jensen Ava Jensen 03/16/2015
Joel and Tiffany Jerry Jobie Jerry 03/13/2015
Shawn Whitman and Kelsey Hollenkamp Jayzee Whitman 03/13/2015
Shawn Whitman and Kelsey Hollenkamp Cash Whitman 03/13/2015
Darren and Mary Gray Ana Gray 03/11/2015
Kimberly Hickey and Daniel Jenson Zoey Jenson 03/10/2015
Katie Burk and Mitchell Kilduff Braden Kilduff 03/10/2015
N. Summer Robertson and Christopher Gilbert Kinsley Gilbert 03/09/2015
Billie Benjamin and Joe Rocha Joel Gene Rocha III 03/08/2015
Brandon Hemminger & Teara Kelley Macey Hemminger 03/02/2015
Randy and Darcy Qual Carter Qual 02/28/2015
Emma Reiser and Jacob Stauffer Kaylonna Stauffer 02/25/2015
Sara Kreger Royce Kreger 02/20/2015
Mikayla Stokes and Bryce Blazejak Grayson Stokes 02/17/2015
Anthony and Nina Blum Peyton Blum 02/17/2015
Ken and Janel Murphy Henry Murphy 02/16/2015
Caleb and Melissa Nelson Eleanor Nelson 02/12/2015
Lauren Odyms and Chris Saxon Jada Saxon 02/05/2015
Danielle Stauffer and Chris Thompson Brickk Thompson 02/05/2015
Abby and Matthew Lewis Nicolette Lewis 01/31/2015
Nathan Sanford and Alicia Lancaster Gage Sanford 01/27/2015
Herman and Meganne Bartsch Nolan Bartsch 01/26/2015
Stephanie Dunkley and Shane Davis Koi Davis 01/26/2015
Laura and Josh Zaudtke Greta Zaudtke 01/24/2015
Jessica and Peter Larsen Simon Larsen 01/24/2015
Sylvie Kelley and Joseph Garrison Evin Garrison 01/22/2015
Chris and Jackie McClain Zander McClain 01/19/2015
Erica Wylie Logan Wylie 01/17/2015
Katelyn Nelson Gwenallen Nelson 01/15/2015
Beth Pierson and Ross Menk Winston Menk 01/14/2015
Robert Gavitt and Samantha Branger Adalyn Gavitt 01/11/2015
Ben and Mindy DeCoursey Addisyn DeCoursey 01/10/2015
Jerod Schermer and Brittany Rollins Jeffrey Schermer 01/06/2015
Amanda Byers and Robert Soderlund Tucker James Soderlund 01/05/2015

Please note: Not all parents choose to participate in the online nursery. If parents choose to have their child’s photo available online, the photo will be posted once the newborn is discharged from FirstLight Health System.

Photos are typically posted 48-72 hours after the birth of the child.