Our Communities

We are proud to support the communities in which we reside. Each community we serve has its own unique restaurants, places to stay, recreation and entertainment.

Hinckley, located just off I-35, is a community of historical importance within east central Minnesota. It is a city of just 1,800 people, offering many conveniences and hometown hospitality to all who live and visit here. More information about the Hinckley area can be found on the Hinckley Chamber of Commerce website.

Mora is a quaint community of just over 3,000 residents, tucked within the rolling farmlands and abundant lakes and rivers of east central Minnesota. An inviting community, prideful of its Swedish heritage, Mora is located 68 miles north of Minneapolis and St. Paul at the intersection of Highways 65 and 23. It is 50 miles northeast of St. Cloud and 90 miles southwest of Duluth. More information about the Mora community can be found on the Mora Chamber of Commerce website

Pine City, located on the I-35 corridor between the Twin Cities and Duluth, is a progressive community with a growing population of over 3,330 residing in and around the surrounding area. Pine City is the largest city and the county seat within Pine County. It has a unique mix of recreation, industry, historical significance and modern conveniences. More information about what Pine City has to offer can be found on the Pine City Chamber of Commerce website.