Birthing Center

“Every child begins the world again”
-Henry David Thoreau

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

This is a time that can be emotional, exciting, and overwhelming all at the same time, but choosing where to have your baby doesn’t have to be.

At FirstLight Health System’s Birthing Center, our focus is on creating an intimate, family-centered experience that is safe, memorable and unique.

Our birthing services include:

  • Personalized care – our care providers and highly skilled nursing staff are committed to following you from pre-birth to delivery, post-postpartum, and beyond
  • Respect for you personal choices for labor and birth by offering a wide variety of holistic options including walking, music, and massage, and also supporting medication options if that is your need or wish
  • Support of the sacred initial hour, called The Golden Hour, to maximize the  bonding experience between you and your baby
  • A Certified Lactation Counselor to answer questions about breastfeeding and to assist when needed
    • A lactation consultant can be reached by calling 320-225-3525
    • Learn more about breastfeeding by visiting KellyMom
  • A complimentary 48-hour well-baby check

Our private, spacious, and welcoming birthing suites:

  • Accommodate new fathers with overnight with an in-room sleeping option
  • Support mothers during labor, delivery and post-postpartum care, so there is no need to move rooms
  • Include a private bathroom with shower/tub combo
  • Include complimentary dinner for two before being discharged

Childbirth Education

FirstLight Health System offers pre-natal classes to assist women in achieving a healthy pregnancy, satisfying and safe birth, as well as preparing them for any potential problems that may require medical attention.  Click here to see our class layout.

Classes are held four times a year on the first Tuesday of February, May, August and November, from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Class #1 includes on introductions and general information, fetal development, warning signs of premature labor, what labor “really is” and  a tour of our OB department

Class #2 focuses on the “What if’s” in pregnancy, epidurals and spinals and what to prepare for your hospital stay

Class #3 concentrates on newborn care along with 2 guest speakers-a nutritionists and PT representative

Class #4 teaches infant cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), talks about birth control after pregnancy and another guest speaker from public health attends

There is no charge and per-registration is not required.

To learn more about labor and delivery, what to expect and other important prenatal information visit these  trusted sites:

To learn more, ask questions or to schedule a personal tour of our Birthing Center, please call 320-225-3525.