Getting you back to the life you love.

When we move, performing our daily activities such as walking, running, going up the stairs, or even driving a car, we can thank our musculoskeletal system.  This system is made up of a very complex system of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves. The medical specialty of orthopaedics (orthopedics) focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and injuries of this system.

FirstLight offers a wide range of orthopaedic (orthopedics) and sports medicine care including evaluation, diagnosis, preventive techniques, treatment and minimally invasive surgical approaches. Our primary goal is getting you back to your lifestyle by offering:

  • General orthopaedic (orthopedic) care
  • Total knee replacements
  • Total hip replacements
  • Total shoulder replacement
  • Rotator cuff repair and shoulder pain
  • ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction
  • Treatment for meniscal injuries, sprains, strains, tears and fractures
  • Treatment of hand and wrist pain, including carpal tunnel surgery
  • Arthritis relief
  • Joint pain relief
Our Specialists

The FirstLight team of Orthopaedic (Orthopedic) and Sports Medicine specialists includes:

Common Surgical Procedures
  • Arthroscopy
    A procedure using special cameras and equipment to visualize, diagnose and treat problems inside a joint.
  • Fusion
    A “welding” process by which bones are fused together with bone grafts and internal devices (such as metal rods) to heal into a single solid bone.
  • Internal Fixation
    A method to hold the broken pieces of bone in proper position with metal plates, pins or screws while the bone is healing.
  • Joint Replacement
    A procedure in which an arthritic or damaged joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint called a prosthesis. Procedures include partial, total and revisions.
  • Osteotomy
    The correction of bone deformity by cutting and re-positioning the bone.
  • Soft Tissue Repair
    The mending of soft tissue, such as torn tendons or ligaments.

Descriptions from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

FirstLight physicians, along with our and team of physical therapists, will tailor a plan to personally coach you through your office visits, surgery, follow-up appointments, and recovery.

Orthopaedic services available in Mora, Pine City and Hinckley. Call FirstLight at 800-679-1313 or schedule an appointment using MyChart.

A referral may be required from your Primary Care Provider, please check with your insurance carrier.