Annual Wellness Exams

FirstLight Health System wants you to be healthy and happy. One important step to maintaining optimal health is having a wellness exam every year.

Annual Wellness Exams for Kids

Wellness exams recommended annually from birth through age 20 and are typically covered by insurance. During each child wellness exam, a FirstLight provider performs the following to to ensure your child is achieving all of his or her potential.

  • Reviews your child’s medical history
  • Recommends appropriate preventative screenings
  • Recommends appropriate immunizations
  • Assesses oral health
  • Assesses developmental and behavioral milestones

Annual Wellness Exams for Adults

An annual wellness exam is an important step to managing your health. During this yearly check-up, your FirstLight provider will review your medical history and complete a comprehensive physical exam, including checking your height, weight, blood pressure and pulse. They will also review and recommend appropriate preventative screenings while taking the time to discuss what’s important to you such as:

Your provider may also recommend additional health services based upon your history, age and gender.  These may include lab tests, imaging, etc.

Schedule your wellness exam today. While you’re at it, schedule wellness exams for your loved ones too.

Our Family Medicine providers offer appointments available in Mora, Pine City and Hinckley.  Call 800-245-5671 to schedule an appointment.