FirstLight to Expand Mora Campus

April 6, 2017

Fun Facts about house moving!

  • The Chin house has been purchased and will be moved to its new area in the next month as the homeowners wait for road restrictions to be lifted. FirstLight had a chance to talk with the owner of the house moving company, Chris, about what a project like this entails, below are some interesting facts about moving houses:
  • When moving a house there are several important factors to be considered including: What is in the way-trees, mailboxes, curvy roads, utility / power lines, railroad crossings— coordination is KEY!
    Another factor is the size of the house, obviously, the smaller the house, the easier it is to move.
  • The Chin house is approximately a 32×48 ft. sized dwelling weighs about 100-120,000 pounds
    How does the process work? Well, according to Expert House Movers: Steel beams are inserted into openings under the house and those beams will bear the weight of the house during the move, so it’s super important that they’re sized and placed correctly. Wooden cribs, made out of interlocking wooden posts, also help support the home inside and out. Then home movers place hydraulic jacks under the steel beams and the jacks provide the movement that lift the house. This system is known as a unified hydraulic jacking system so all of the jacks used rise and lower at the exact same rate, regardless of how much weight each jack is supporting, allowing the home to remain level.
  • The trailer that will be used to move the Chin house is a 50’ transport system, that looks like dollies and beams on wheels
  • The Chin house was originally built in 1905 and was re-modeled in the last 10 years
  • The company hired to do this move is: Prodger House Movers, Inc. out of St. Paul. They have been in business since 1925, and Chris, the current owner is a 4th generation building mover and figured he has moved 100s of structures in his career.
  • The Chin house job required only 4 people from PHM
  • The new homeowner is responsible for fees associated with moving a house including, dropping power lines, police patrol, road closures, and such
  • Moving the Chin house will require 24 or 20 utility lines to be moved or lifted
  • Interested in moving a house? Chris tells us that it’s going to cost approximately $30-$40,000.
  • Again, due to road restrictions, the house will now sit until sometime in May!

April 5, 2017

The beautiful Chin House has been purchased and is getting moved, congratulations to the new owners!

Here are some photos in preparation for this move:

March 30, 2017

With the changeover in Washington, we experienced some delay for the financing and the USDA has now allowed us to go forth with our bidding process.

  • The request for bids has been published in the following papers:  Business Journal, Kanabec County Times, Pine City Pioneer and the Hinckley News
  • Documents are also available through Isqft, AGC of MN Planroom, Builders Exhchange of St. Cloud, Mid-Minnesota Builder’s Exchange, Duluth Builders Exchange, Brainard Lakes Exchange and Minneapolis Builders Exchange
  • Bids are due by 5/4

Questions should be directed to Mark Vizenor, Facility Operations Manager, 320-679-1212

December 28th, 2016

2 articles written highlighting the campus build:

Minnesota Physician (December 2016), turn to page 6

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, 11/2/2016:  $40M expansion starts at Mora hospital Campus

December 6th, 2016

Getting closer to a new ambulance garage.









November 28, 2016

More site work and parking area as the brick house is taken down.





November 2, 2016

Finished demoing the Clark Street Houses today.










October 24, 2016

FirstLight Announces Mora Campus Expansion

Organizations typically expand their facilities to address growth or much-needed upgrades. Both reasons are at play with the upcoming expansion project for FirstLight’s campus in Mora. Over the past seven years, for example, Emergency Department visits have increased 11.3 percent, while Rehabilitation visits have increased a whopping 87 percent. In addition, inpatient rooms haven’t been remodeled to allow for newer technology or plumbing since the 1970s.

constructionman1This fall will see the completion of pre-construction and site work including moving power lines, installing fiber optics, and removing the houses along Clark Street.

In spring 2017, groundbreaking will kick off the first of the four-phase project, moving rehabilitation services to the building’s southwest side and adding a second floor to house 23 newly designed inpatient and birthing rooms. These new rooms will enhance our team approach to health care delivery, and make our use of resources more efficient.

The second phase involves moving the existing Emergency Department and helipad to the northeast corner of the campus, and remodeling the existing lab, imaging, materials management, and IT areas.

During phase three we will construct a community pharmacy, a new public dining and common area, create a centralized entrance from State Highway 65, and relocate the eye clinic from downtown. In addition, the current birthing center will become infusion rooms, allowing for more privacy and improved healing environments for chemotherapy and infusion patients.

The final phase will optimize parking areas, alleviating congestion and helping with patient drop-off and pick-up. The entire project will take approximately two years to complete and result in approximately 200,000 finished square feet. FirstLight’s current finished square footage is roughly 130,000.

“This expansion is necessary to continue to exceed our patients’ expectations and to adapt to changing needs of our community members,” comments CEO, Randy Ulseth.


Updates on this project can be found on our  Facebook page, Twitter and also on our homepage.  A ground breaking celebration is being planned for the Spring of 2017.