It’s great to be able to finally post some ‘end’ dates for this project.

FLHS is currently on day 475 of the anticipated 521 project days and the end is in sight! The end does depend upon weather and a few other factors but as they say, there is a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’!

The final phases of this project include buttoning up: the main entrance, spiritual room, clinic expansion, clinic remodel, imaging remodel, administration updates, the new eye clinic  and the front corridor area.

Below are the highlights:

~June 1: main entrance will open, which was one of the project’s main goals enhancing building security.  The Highway 65 old ‘clinic’ entrance by the church will not longer be accessible and all traffic should enter the parking lots by the large digital sign or from Forest Street.

Overview of Mora campus
Main entry way drop off canopy
Main entrance sliding doors

A Spiritual room was created for those who need some quiet time and will be complete around ~June14th. The Spiritual room is located near the back of the Common’s area.

The clinic expansion is expected to be completed at the end of ~June, adding much needed exam and provider/nurse areas.

The clinic remodel part is to be finished about a month later, at end of ~July, so the two areas will tie together.  Demolition and remodeling are continuing as scheduled.  Both areas are having walls painted and flooring put in, after that is complete, a final clean, new furniture and equipment will need to be installed.

Demolition of old clinic registration area
New clinic exam room layout
New clinic hallway (exam and provider/nurse rooms)
New exam room layout

The administration area will receive a nice facelift, adding additional office spaces, workroom, storage and conference room areas.  Work to be completed after the ~July 4th holiday weekend.

Administration layout, level 2

The newly remodeled Imaging area will have a better layout and updated equipment opening the week of July 4th!  Pictures coming soon!

Behind the walls in the main registration area, construction crews are busy working on the new eye clinic. Internal planning has been begun for the final move, which is slated for July 29th. Dr. Mork and Dr. Mork expect to start seeing patients in the new area at the beginning of August. Perspective wise? The new eye clinic is actually the old hospital lab (if you can believe that?!)

demolition of old hospital lab for new eye clinic
new eye clinic curved hallway

Tying the main registration area to the curved wall heading to ED will be one of the biggest challenges of this project; as areas need to be barricaded off in sections allowing for new paint, flooring and other cosmetic work. Expect the last of re-routing and walking the perimeter of the building during this time with this work is slated to be complete the middle of ~July.

Stay tuned, more to come!