As we creep closer to the end of this project, it’s hard to believe that it is this far along.

What’s happening now?

Main entrance

  • the main entry-way, otherwise known as Central Check-in:
  • stairs are poured
  • awning will be painted to match the Emergency Department (ED) Entrance
  • allows for efficient patient drop- off and pick-up
Picture of centralized check-in, not painted
Featured staircase steps poured (concrete)
Straight on view of the featured staircase
Rendering of finished featured staircase and Centralized Check-In
Old photo of ED entrance that will soon be Centralized Check-in

Hospital lab

The hospital lab moved into a new space, remember all draws will happen in the clinic area, so if you are scheduled, make sure you register with Central check-in!

The Mora clinic

Clinic renovations continue to happen inside and just outside the south wall of the Mora campus.  Construction is slated to be finished at the end of June and is adding and additional 7,500 square feet for exam and nurse/provider space.

Behind construction walls for the past four months was the Centralized Check-in and Common’s area.  If  you happen to stop in for a clinic appointment you will be surprised with a new look.

Central check-in

The place to “check-in” for all of your appointments,  whether it be clinic, lab or to see one of our many specialties.


A serene place to wait for your appointment or result with soft lighting and comfy chairs.

Gift shop

The new gift shop will open sometime in July (simultaneously) with the eye clinic.  The FirstLight Health Care Volunteers are busy with deciding what type of inventory to purchase, sell and display.

Before the space gets filled with gift options and trinkets, watch for the opening in July!

Wellness office

An additional space was added to the front in FirstLight’s new design, a Wellness office.

New wellness center office, promoting well-being for our community folks.