FirstLight Community Wellness Center

Public/private partnership to build first year-round community wellness center

MORA, Minn., April 13, 2017 – Mora Public Schools and FirstLight Health System recently announced that they will jointly build Kanabec County’s first year-round community wellness center. At a cost of approximately $10.5 million, with nearly half coming from FirstLight, the center will be constructed on the Trailview school campus.

“This project will bring us one step closer to completing the long-range vision for the Trailview campus as a magnet for high-quality education and increased community uses such as arts performances, public gatherings, sports and fitness,” said Karen Kirschner, Mora Public Schools Board Chair.

FirstLight Health System recently agreed to contribute $5 million to help build a community wellness center on the Trailview campus. The center will include fitness, sports and physical education space. The remaining cost for the center will be covered by bonds previously approved for the Trailview campus and lease levy funding. Construction on the center is planned to be completed by December, 2017.

“We are excited to team up with Mora Public Schools by investing in this year-round wellness center to support the overall health of our community members,” said Randy Ulseth, CEO of FirstLight Health System.

When complete, the two-story wellness center will be owned by the school district and its taxpayers. It will include fitness, training and exam rooms, locker rooms, a 200-meter track, a separate elevated walking track, a large multipurpose space that includes four basketball/volleyball/tennis/group game courts, and more. FirstLight Health System staff will provide advice, guidance and physical evaluations.

Community members will be able to walk in through the wellness center’s public entrance before, during and after school hours to utilize the walking track, schedule a medical exam, or take part in group exercise classes or team sports events. During school hours, the wellness center will be used by students for physical education classes. The public entrance will be separate from the Trailview school building entrance.

Both Kirschner and Ulseth remarked that neither the Mora School District nor FirstLight Health System could have built the year-round wellness center alone but, by working together, the local communities will have an asset to enjoy for many years to come.

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