FirstLight’s Jenny Niedzielski Receives Certification in Chronic Wound Care

Jenny Niedzielski, PTA, CLT-LANA, (and now) CWCA has recently been certified in Wound Care Management to help grow and improve Wound Services offered through Rehabilitation Services in our Mora and Pine City locations.

Board certification in wound management is achieved through a rigorous process created by the American Board of Wound Management (ABWM). Those professionals who obtain certification are designated as a Certified Wound Care Associate (CWCA). A CWCA is a key member of the wound management team and works to reduce the costs associated with and improve the treatment of chronic wounds.

Established in 1995, ABWM has been dedicated to the multidisciplinary team approach in promoting the prevention, care and treatment of acute and chronic wounds. Their primary function as an organization is to monitor a national certification process, recognize ability and competency, promote and educate, and increase standards of health and wound management.

Jenny started practicing physical therapy in 2001. With Jenny’s background and experience in Lymphedema treatment, which is often correlated with wound care, along with her other professional experience (pool therapy and orthopedics), she is an asset to have within FirstLight’s Rehabilitation Services department.

Jenny is joined by a team made of up of other physical therapists and physical therapy assistants who all have a wide experience in the care management of wounds. The team includes Erica Hinks, PT, MA; Grace Akkerman, PTA, CWCA, LSVT, who is ABWM certified; and Julie O’Connor, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, CWS, who is also ABWM certified.

Congratulations Jenny!