Listen in to a live panel opioid talk on KBEK

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Topics covered:
  • What is the opioid epidemic
  • Kanabec County – FirstLight’s Grant – Prevention
  • Treatment – Recovery
  • Resources
Panelists include:

Sadie Hosley, Clinical Director/Marketing, Recovering Hope Treatment Center in Mora

Alex Gerhardson, Deputy / East Central Drug Task Force Agent, Kanabec County Sheriff’s Office

Brian Smith, Kanabec County Sheriff, Kanabec County Sheriff’s Office

Dr. Matt Allen, Family Practice Physician/Addiction Medicine, FirstLight Health System

Kristie Bryant, Family Practice Nurse/Addiction Medicine Care Team Nurse, First Light Health System

Jenilee Telander, Regional Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention Coordinator, Kanabec County Community Health

Jen Peterson, MSW, LGSW, Social Service/Care Coordination Supervisor, First Light Health System