New Ambulance for FirstLight_2017

FirstLight purchases new Ambulance to better serve the communities

Maintaining a fleet of 3 quality ambulances is crucial to providing emergency care in a rural area because on any one day, FirstLight can respond to multiple 911 calls daily within a 15-20 miles radius. In late September, FirstLight purchased a new ambulance to replace one that was depreciated and could no longer meet the needs for EMS staff.

FirstLight purchased a 2017 Commander Type III Ambulance, through Crestline Coach, and is known for patient and medic safety, fuel efficiency, integrated intelligence system for onboard electronics, and O2 on the go system that can provide a maximum amount of oxygen without incurring the weight.  The cabin capacity is larger than the other ambulances currently in fleet providing for an increased patient care area with better lighting and interior set up.  Crestline Coach worked with Ferno, a leading supplier for equipment of emergency vehicles and has equipped this ambulance with an INTraXX modular system which features wall-mounted tracks that secure a series of Equipment Mounts, and SafePak Supply Bags. This also allows to secure loose equipment inside the ambulance allowing the EMS staff to deliver patient care from a seated and restrained position. This reduces the risk of injury during sudden stops and hard maneuvers. The new ambulance was also outfitted with a Stryker cot, a powered transportation cot so our EMS staff easily lift, load or unload patients from or into the ambulance no matter what environment they are operating in.  Also, its unique design provides solutions reducing or eliminating EMS staff’s lifting injuries. 

At FirstLight we value safety first and this will allow us to provide the best service to the communities we serve.

Rob Almendinger, FirstLight’s Ambulance Manager; Mark Lemieux, Regional Sales Specialist from Ferno; June Juday, NREMT, FirstLight’s EMS Operations Supervisor and Jeff Grasto, Ambulance Sales Consultant from Crestline