Update on FirstLight’s rebranding 2019

It’s spring, so we are getting our ducks in a row!

Big Duck and 3 small ducks in a rowAs many of you know, we are in the beginning stages of a complete rebrand and have hired 3.2.1, a firm that has been naming businesses for over two decades!

Part of figuring out a new name and logo includes gathering some research about what you think and perceptions around the services we provide.

Our communities have supported us and helped us grow into who we are today, and it is our responsibility to listen and understand these thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

Over the next week, you may be asked to participate in a survey, and that information will help 3.2.1 generate a substantial list of potential names that our naming committee will score, rank and sort through choosing the best option within a healthcare space that will reflect our goals as an organization and ultimately who we are.

Then 3.2.1 takes it into the next phase: logo design, colors, tag lines, website URL’s, etc. all of the fun stuff that everyone sees. 🙂

If all goes according to plan, we will announce the new brand sometime in August, when subsequently the building project is slated to be completed. There are a lot of moving parts behind the scenes and we want to keep you informed.

It will be our NEW name with a NEW logo with a NEW building
all reflecting who we are at the core!

Can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts!