FirstLight offers Teleheart services from Minneapolis Heart Institute®

FirstLight in Pine City offers cardiac care via Teleheart through the Minneapolis Heart Institute® enhancing its patient care using this timely, innovative service. Teleheart services are (cardiology) performed in real time, are remote, face to face health care interactions with a cardiologist from Minneapolis Heart Institute®, something similar to Skype (in which people can video/text together) without having to travel to the city.

Why TeleHeart?
• No long distant traveling for appointments
• Convenient

What exactly is a TeleHeart appointment with Minneapolis Heart Institute®
Before your TeleHeart visit, you will most likely need to have a heart ultrasound (echo cardiogram) and EKG performed either prior to your appointment or during your appointment.

  • Your cardiac testing team will decide which is best for your situation.
  • These are non-invasive and generally painless testing.
  • You may also be asked to stop in our lab for a blood draw. Your cardiologist will have all of your results when he/she meets with you via TeleHeart.

During a TeleHeart appointment, you will be checked in like any other appointment and our nurse will:

  • check your vital signs
  • review your medications, and
  • discuss with you about any heart health concerns you may be experiencing.

Minneapolis Heart InstituteThe nurse will then connect with the cardiologist over video-to-video Teleheart technology and remain with you during the entire appointment. You will be able to see the cardiologist and talk to each other in real, face-to-face time and will be able to ask questions similar to a regular office visit. Keep in mind that your cardiologist will have access to your radiology, labs and previous medical history located in your medical record.

Click image to read patient story.
Read one patient’s story originally published in the November 2016 edition of FirstLight’s HealthNews.

The cardiologist will explain his or her recommendations and make sure you clearly understand your care plan; including any further testing and medication additions or adjustments. Your cardiologist works in partnership with your primary care provider and care team to give you the best care possible.

Information about TeleHeart visits:

  • Teleheart patient visits are not video recorded. It is a live link to your provider and the equipment is secure, private and HIPAA compliant.
  • Contact your insurance company about charges and coverage for this type of service.


The TeleHeart program builds on FirstLight’s efforts over the past year to provide patients Teleheart access to specialty care at all of its locations. This service is currently offered in Pine City.

Make an appointment with your primary care provider or cardiologist if you think you may be eligible for this service.